Zwifting all over the World

Your guide to Zwift and the Tour For All

Next week, EF Pro Cycling and 9 other teams will face off on cycling’s largest online platform, Zwift. For the past few months, Zwift has allowed our riders to take to the virtual roads to get their training miles in, while also giving them the chance to ride along with fans, friends, family and teammates.

The pro race, Tour For All, which will be held over five stages, will kick off a month long drive to raise funds for the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) COVID-19 crisis fund. Zwift will make an initial donation of $125,000 to MSF and are pledging an additional $125,000 once 250,000 users ride a stage of the race on Zwift. Riders and runners around the world will be able to take part in group rides, runs, and amateur races throughout the month of May on Zwift.  

If you are new to cycling, haven’t been on the app yet, or you want to elevate your Zwift skills, fear not! Here are some of our riders’ tips and tricks to guide you. 

What is Zwift?

At its most basic level, Zwift is an online platform that connects a treadmill or indoor bike trainer to your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV. It gives you an opportunity to exercise in a virtual world with a community. 

“Zwift is a great way to connect with fans from all over the world while doing what we love at the same time,” says Neilson PowlessNeilson Powless, who just led his first EF Pro Cycling Group Ride last week. “It gives people a chance to ask questions in a more relaxed environment and go for a spin with people from every corner of the world.”

Once on the platform you can train alone, train with a group of people, sign up for a race, or take part in one of Zwift’s training programs. You can choose to ride on a whole host of virtual worlds, including Watopia, New York, Richmond, London and more. 

“My favorite part about Zwift is how easy it is to connect with people,” says Lawson CraddockLawson Craddock, who has been racking up the miles on his indoor trainer in Texas. “We miss that social interaction that comes with cycling, and Zwift has brought that back in it’s own way. I can meet up with my dad who is 200 miles away from me. The fact that we can still ride together is great.”

What is the Zwift Tour For All? 

From May 4 – 8, our riders will be racing against 9 other pro teams in a multi-stage race that will be broadcast live on Eurosport or the GCN app between 9 and 11am EST. Over five stages, the riders will race over a variety of courses and terrains within the Zwift universe with the top 25 riders earning points at the end of each stage. 

The Zwift Tour For All will also include events for everyone on the platform throughout the month of May including races, social runs and group rides. Find out how you can join the fun here. 

While Zwift isn’t taking any donations, you can donate directly to MSF or you can also get yourself a limited edition jerseys and t-shirts from RaphaRapha. All profits go to Médecins Sans Frontières’ COVID-19 relief fund and Rapha will donate an additional £10 for every item sold.

Interested in joining one of our Zwift rides? Here’s what you’ll need.

Bike: You’ll need your own bike for Zwift. Our riders use their CannondaleCannondale SystemSix or SuperSix Evo, but nearly any bike will work as long as they are compatible with your trainer. 

Trainer: Trainers offer resistance in the same way the road would give you some resistance when you are riding outside. We use the TacxTacx NEO 2T trainer which replicates real world riding conditions. It will change resistance based on the gradient and riding surface and provides an unmatched riding experience which allows our riders to feel like they are riding outside.

The Zwift app: You will need to get the Zwift app which is available for download on a computer, most smart devices, or Apple TV. You automatically get a 7-day free trial, beyond this you can get a subscription for $14.99 a month. 

For help setting up your Zwift set up, head here.

Tour For All race details

Stage 1, May 4: Innsbruckring course. Elevation gain: 72m (237ft). Total distance: 52.9km (33miles)

Stage 2, May 5: Cobbled Climbs course. Elevation gain: 126m (413ft). Total distance: 46.2km (28.5miles)

Stage 3, May 6: Medio Fondo course. Elevation gain: 981m (3220ft). Total distance: 72.9km (45.1miles)

Stage 4, May 7: Sand and Sequoias course. Elevation gain: 147m (482ft). Total distance: 42.6km (26.5miles)

Stage 5, May 8: Quatch Quest course. Elevation gain: 1710m (5610ft). Total distance: 46.5km (28.9miles)

Get more info on the race and our upcoming calendar here