Will Barta recovering from training accident

Broken femur to delay his race start with the team

Injuries in sport are inevitable but it doesn’t make them any easier to endure. In late December, Will Barta suffered a training accident which has left him recovering from a left proximal femur fracture. A set back for sure, but one he feels ready to take on. 

Barta, who just turned 25, is just off one of the best seasons of his career. An impressive second place finish on stage 13 of the Vuleta (he was denied his first WorldTour victory by one second) and a 22nd place overall put him on the radar for the 2021 season. 

After joining the ranks of EF Education-NIPPO this January, Barta was gearing up for the 2021 season in Norway when the crash happened. “I was riding on a quiet road where the forest came right up to the road. I had just started riding again after stopping and so I was going quite slow,” explained Barta. “A little dachshund ran out of the forest directly in front of me. I hit the brakes quite hard trying to avoid the dog and unfortunately slipped. It was a really slow crash and I thought I would just jump right up, but I think I was really unlucky and could not get up.”

Now four weeks into his recovery, Barta is back on the trainer and has plans to get back on the road in the beginning of February. So far the recovery process has been going really well I feel. I have been making progress every day and that has been really nice to see. I have been able to be on the trainer and even do some light squats already so I feel that I am well on my way to a good recovery,” said Barta.  

If all goes well, the young American’s season will be temporarily delayed.  “While I feel really disappointed with the injury, I feel lucky in the fact that I do not miss more of the season hopefully,” he said. 

Barta has been here before. Having already suffered a fracture of his right trochanter in the past in which his recovery was delayed by an infection, Barta is staying positive about his current road to recovery. 

To see how much faster the process has been going with my current fracture is also motivating to me and puts the past injury a bit more out of my head,” said Barta. “The team and especially my director Matti Breschel, have been super supportive through all of this. That is really motivating for me, because I have not even done one race with the team yet and I already feel like a part of the team. I feel really motivated to do my best to get back on my feet and be able to race well this year, in large part because I am just so excited to be a part of EF and race with the team.”

We can’t wait to see Will Barta back on the roads in EF pink racing with the team soon.