Vittoria launches Air-Liner Road

EF-Education-NIPPO’s chosen insert is now available for tubeless road tires

The professional peloton is going faster than it’s ever gone before. That’s why EF Education-NIPPO is thrilled to announce that Vittoria Air-Liners are now available for all tubeless road tires. 


“With Vittoria, we know we have the fastest tires. That’s a fact,” said EF Education-Nippo head of technical operations Andreas Klier.


Klier’s job is to set the team up to be in the best possible position to win a race. That’s why back at the 2019 edition of Gent-Wevelgen, he tested the technology out on the cobbles himself. “I knew back then that I was testing something very useful,” said Klier. 


So useful that the rider who won that year, Alexander Kristoff, was using the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system. After his victory, these liners quickly became the secret weapon of the peloton. 

Veteran riders like Sebastian Langeveld and Jens Keukeleire also tested the Air-Liner system out on the cobblestones that year and have been using them since. 


“Using the Air-Liner has major benefits. One of them is safety,” said Langeveld. 


This level of safety includes unmatched bump compliance and impact protection. Plus in the event of air-loss, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is designed for run-flat use so that you can get safely back home. 


“Guys have punctured and didn’t even notice it. You still have good comfort even though you have a puncture,” said Keukeleire. 


Made specifically for tubeless tyre applications, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is compatible with all tubeless road tyres on the market and offers the same benefits regardless of brand. The lightweight material absorbs no sealant, ensuring that punctures are sealed as normal, and extending the useful life of the insert. Whether you’re training or exploring, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system will provide plenty of protection for your rides ahead.

The system is available in 3 sizes and offers a complete range of tyre inserts for any purpose, including Air-Liner Road, Air-Liner Gravel, and Air-Liner MTB.


Also available is the Vittoria Road Tubeless Tool-Kit, designed to make your Vittoria Air-Liner Road installation easy and quick. Each kit contains 1 pair of pliers and 6 clips per package, which are specifically designed as integral parts of the mounting and dismounting process. 


Finally, Vittoria is also introducing a Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant, which can be used on any bike. Vittoria understands that tires are not all the same, and the same logic should apply to your sealant. The secret to Vittoria’s Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant is in the liquid base, which is thin enough to find and seal even the smallest punctures quickly and effectively. Not to mention, this formula is ammonia free, which prevents the sealant from damaging the tire. Our team can agree that this pairs nicely with tire inserts such as Air-Liner.


Our trusted sponsor understands that cycling continues to evolve as performance limits are being pushed with every race. Road bikes have to adapt in order to optimize rider performance and safety. And now you don’t have to be a World Tour rider to use these world class inserts and products.


See for yourself all the benefits these liners offer. Head to now.