In it together

A Toast to the staff behind our Tour team

For the team you see in front of you racing every day in July, there’s an entire team behind them.


Working at dawn filling bottles. Working at dusk, washing bikes.


The team chefs cook all day in the van, 


and the directors, who make the plans, are on the radios, and lead us day in and out.


Soigneurs massage, cover the feed zones, do the wash, make jokes. 


Mechanics, ride in the car, under pressure, stand out at night tweaking the shifting, or changing wheels.  


The doctors keep us healthy.


The comms crew spread the word.


The chiros keep us in line.


The bus driver keeps us rolling.


Then there those at home working tirelessly behind the scenes, and the EFers all over the world.

And of course, our fearless leaders.


We’re in this together.