The third edition of Giro d’Italia #AskArgyle on #FanFriday

    This week’s edition of #AskArgyle includes questions about gelato, cleanliness, travel destinations, moustaches and more.

    New to this? We put out a call for questions on our social media channels. You ask us anything you want to know. We pick our favorites to share with our Grand Tour squads – in this case our Giro team.

    Read on….

    1. What’s the best Grand Tour?

    Joe Dombrowski: The Giro. Italy has the best food, beautiful mountains and the rhythm of the race is nice.
    Mike Woods: What’s your definition of best? I’ve only done the Giro and the Vuelta. If I ever do the Tour, I’ll give you an answer.
    Tom Van Asbroeck: The Vuelta because of the weather.
    Hugh Carthy: I’ve only ridden the Vuelta and the Giro, so I can’t comment about the Tour. I liked them both for different reasons. I think the Vuelta was more special because it was my first Grand Tour.
    Nate Brown: I like them all. Every one is special in its own way, but if I have to choose, I’ll say the Giro. I love Italy.
    Mitch Docker: The Vuelta. The sun is shining 99% of the time!
    Sacha Modolo: The Giro. I’ve followed it since I was a child.

    2. Is there any place you’ve passed during a race that you’ve made a mental note to return to on your own time?

    Dombrowski: I like the Swiss races. I find it to be a beautiful country. Austria is quite cool, too.
    Woods: Yes, stage eight and nine [at the Giro this year] were stunning.
    Van Asbroeck: Everywhere you go there is some beauty to be found, but later I would like to make some new memories and discover some new things with my family in some old places.
    Carthy: I remember passing through the Abruzzo region last year and racing there again this year has reminded me how nice it is.
    Brown: Anywhere in Switzerland. The country is beautiful.
    Docker: A hotel stop on this Giro, the Belvedere Marittimo. We stayed at a great hotel literally on the sand. I’d go back there.
    Modolo: The Stelvio. I want to do it on Vespa.

    3. What upcoming stage are you most looking forward to?

    Dombrowski: I think stage 15 and stage 20 could be interesting for a mountain day breakaway.
    Woods: Tomorrow. I only look one stage ahead and only when I’ve finished the day’s stage. I’m taking this one day at a time.
    Van Asbroeck: Rome
    Carthy: Tomorrow’s stage on the Zoncolan will be special. It is a mythical climb in cycling and very few people get the chance to race up there as part of the Giro.
    Brown: The last stage. Here I come Rome! Then I get to see my girlfriend.
    Docker: The time trial
    Modolo: The last stage in Rome

    4. What’s your favorite gelato flavor?

    Dombrowski: Normally I’d say something like straciatella, but last year, after the Giro finish in Milan, I had amazing melan gelato with bits of melon in it. It was incredibly refreshing.
    Woods: Ferrero Rocher. With vanilla, chocolate, fudge, nut and crunch, it checks all the boxes.
    Van Asbroeck: Straciatella
    Carthy: If it’s Italian gelato, I’d say pistachio. If it’s British ice cream, I’d say a vanilla “Mr. Whippy with a Cadbury flake” at the seaside with my family.
    Docker: Chocolate mint
    Modolo: Ciccolato

    5. Who is the tidiest on the Giro squad? The messiest?

    Dombrowski: I’m a neat freak. I don’t think we have any real violaters when it comes to mess-making.
    Woods: We’re all pros, nobody is a mess. I will say I was very impressed with TVA’s suitcase organizers.
    Van Asbroeck: Mitch makes his bed every morning
    Carthy: I think I’m the tidiest.
    Brown: We don’t have any real messy people on this team. Mike is my roommate. He’s very tidy.
    Docker: I’m rooming with TVA, and he’s super neat. He has mini bags in his suitcase to keep everything organized.
    Modolo: Scully keeps his suitcase very neat.

    6. Mitch excluded, who’s currently got the best ‘mo? The worst?

    Editor’s note: The #PinkArgyle Giro team, including all staff, has been growing moustaches since week one with plans to shave them off when we snag a stage win.

    Dombrowski: Nate has a good ‘mo going. Hugh’s is the worst. He shaved it!
    Woods: [DS] Juanma Garate or Downtwon Nate Brown are the best. Hugh is the worst.
    Van Asbroeck: Hugh is the worst. He doesn’t even have one. Juanma is the nicest.
    Carthy: Tom Scully had the best moustache until he modified it. Mine is the worst because I haven’t got the ability to grow one yet.
    Brown: My ‘mo is best of course!
    Docker: The best is Juanma. Hugh is the worst. He keeps shaving his!