The EF Dispatch: First in Flanders

Ride the wave of a monumental victory with us in our second podcast of the season.

We were considered the underdogs, in with no chance to win the race. At least outside our cozy team bubble. But inside, we all believed we were close to something. We just waited. Like everyone else. 

Out on the course, it was pure madness. The first and second ascent of the decisive Kwaremont climb the crowds were just screaming. It’s a wall of noise. The third ascent was even louder. To hesitate is to lose —  one has to gamble on legs, not knowing if they have what it takes to hang on until the finish line. 

As Alberto Bettiol raised his arms while crossing the finish line of the 103rd edition of the Tour of Flanders, there were whoops, there were tears, there was relief. 

In our second episode from The EF Dispatch we take you on our Flemish journey. We tell you the tale of a cycling monument we were not supposed to win. 

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