Ten minute bike wash

Tricks of the trade from a seasoned pro mechanic

To say EF Education First Pro Cycling mechanic Geoff Brown has had ample time to refine the bike washing process would be an understatement. The man has washed thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of bikes in his 20+ year career as a pro mechanic. In under ten minutes, Geoff took this bike from grimy to gleaming. Now you too can clean your machine like a pro.

The right tools for the job:

  • Spray bottle of degreaser. Geoff repurposes an old spray bottle as the team gets our Dynamic degreaser in bulk.
  • Bucket of water with mixture of dish soap and degreaser.  Geoff uses two parts soap to one part degreaser but depending on your own situation, it’s okay to season to taste.
  • Nooks and crannies brushes available at any hardware store in the paint aisle.  So long as it fits where it needs to, no need to get too fancy.
  • At least two sponges. One old for the drivechain and a fresher one for the frame.
  • Garden hose or power washer. Geoff stresses that you don’t want to blast the bike too hard.  Any garden hose nozzle will work. If you have a power washer, use with care.
  • Repair stand that rotates and tilts is a game changer. We couldn’t live without ours from TacxTacx.

Shopping list