Team partners with NEVERSECOND™

Neversecond™ our choice for Tour de France fueling and beyond

EF Education-NIPPO is proud to announce our new partnership with Neversecond™. During this year’s Tour de France, the nutrition brand has been providing our team with the best science-based nutrition coaching and products. Our eight riders have relied on our new sponsor throughout this grueling edition of the Grand Tour, and have seen the benefits that come with using their premium products and fueling strategies.


The name is self explanatory: science first and never second. Their goal is to help athletes unlock their potential through optimized nutrition with science-driven certified products. This partnership started in late 2020 when the brand began collaborating with EF Education-NIPPO CEO, Jonathan Vaughters. Neversecond™ worked on the development of cutting-edge protocols and nutrition that the team would use later in the season. 


“The team at Neversecond have taught us new fueling protocols that will help the guys finish every day strong and be topped off with energy for the following stage. We have already had fantastic success this season and it is due in part to the close partnership we have with Neversecond,” said Vaughters.

The nutrition brand was co-founded by lifelong endurance runner and entrepreneur, Bill Armstrong and Asker Jeukendrup, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading scientific authorities on sports nutrition. Jeukendrup has worked with countless world-class athletes, including runners like Haile Gebrselassie and Chrissie Wellington. In the cycling world, he’s worked with Dutch Olympic cycling team and our very own Danish Olympic hopeful and Tour de France rider, Michael Valgren.


“I’m super happy to have Neversecond on board. I’ve followed Asker for a very long time and he’s the best nutritionist on the market, especially when it comes to cycling. I know he’s making the best product on the market,” said Valgren.


Using decades of clinical research and testing, the Neversecond™ team developed a system of nutrition products that work together and include all the ingredients athletes need to succeed without fillers or other additives. To help prove and refine their products, they built a partnership with our team at EF Education-NIPPO.


“To have a UCI WorldTour team select your nutrition and sports science support to fuel their Tour de France efforts is flattering. To see that our science and products are having a real effect on their performance is incredibly satisfying,” said Bill Armstrong. 

The gels and drink mixes used by EF Education-NIPPO in the Tour de France will be available in the coming weeks exclusively at


“The energy mix is my favorite. It’s really easy to digest and it’s also great for a healthy gut. With that product especially, I feel like I can drink as much as I need and know that it has the best minerals and will give me the energy so I can keep riding. It’s really hot and we need to hydrate a lot at the Tour, so that stuff is being used a lot by the team,” said Valgren.


Beginning in mid-July, Neversecond™ will sell their C30 Energy Gel, C30+ Energy Gel with Caffeine and C30 Sports Drink on More products will follow soon. Neversecond™ will also be featured on sports nutrition retailer