Simon’s home workout

Clarke shares his core routine, tips for staying motivated and more

Simon Clarke was off to an exciting start of the race season after he won the Royal Bernard Drome Classic and was named the early season road captain of the year by Cycling News. But, like many of his teammates and fellow cyclists, the Aussie pro has spent most of his time training at home since the race season was put on hold. Keeping motivation up and staying on track isn’t easy, especially if you have a toddler running around like he does. But he’s learned a few tips and tricks this spring for staying fit and motivated at home. Check ’em out.

Establish routine, but stay flexible

His secret to how he’s staying focused is simple: try to establish a routine while also remaining flexible. Emphasis on flexibility for Simon is key these days, as he has a very active toddler at home. “My wife and I have a full-time job keeping her entertained. She’s very energetic,” he says. His advice for those looking to minimize distractions around the house is to put on some music whenever it’s time for a ride and go to a separate room, if possible. Balconies work, too. 

Here is Simon’s go-to workout playlist:

Mix and match workouts

When Clarke’s not spending time with his family, the EF Pro Cycling road captain puts in about 15 hours a week or more on the trainer. As for his non-cycling workouts, he’s been doing virtual sessions with a trainer that focus on strength, stretching, and balance. “I’ll do four gym sessions each week, and also an hour walk every other day following the Andorran regulations,” says Clarke. Switching up your workouts will ensure you are getting the most out of each one and will also break up monotony. 

Keep a balanced diet when possible and focus on recovery

When it comes to staying on track with his nutrition and recovery, Simon makes sure he gets all of his whole nutrients daily. For breakfast, he’ll usually start with some poached eggs and avocado on toast, and a salad and some shaved ham for lunch. As for dinner, he typically goes for homemade soup or meat and vegetables, followed by some fruit and yogurt for dessert. Much like his nutrition plan, Clarke’s recovery schedule is also pretty simple: one day of rest for every four days of exercise. “Still, a recovery day usually consists of an hour or so on the trainer,” says Clarke, but 30 min of stretching, a long walk or something that gets the blood flowing without overly exerting yourself will work.  

Hang out with friends (virtually)

For now, Simon is keeping the morale high with his teammates in the group team chat and on their Go Zwift group rides. Group Zoom workouts and Zwift team rides have been regular outlets for all of our riders. He’ll be taking to the virtual roads next with Alberto BettiolAlberto Bettiol and Sep Vanmarcke on May 12th. Head here if you’re looking to join. And if you’re not on Zwift, you can always work out at home with Simon using the video above.