Ruben Guerreiro’s Recovery

Guerreiro on the mend after breaking collarbone

In October 2020, Ruben Guerreiro made history when he became the first Portuguese rider to win a Grand Tour jersey at the Giro d’Italia. Not only did he finish the race as the leader of the mountains classification, but he won a monumental stage and proved to be a rider to look out for in 2021. 


Guerreiro’s training and momentum heading into the next season unfortunately came to a pause on December 24th when he suffered a broken clavicle. “I was in training when a car hit me and I ended up crashing,” said Guerreiro. Yet the 26-year-old is handling his circumstances like a seasoned vet and his winning attitude remains intact. “I’m a very positive person so this was never a big problem for me,” said Guerreiro. 


The Giro’s ‘King of the Mountains’ is no stranger to this type of accident and sustained a broken clavicle at the 2019 Criterium Dauphine after he crashed inside of the peloton. And while it’s unfortunate he’s mending yet another injury, it also proves just how resilient Guerreiro is when faced with adversity. If looking at how he came back from his 2019 injury is any indication of how he will weather this one — then his teammates and fans have nothing to worry about. “The team just wants me to be strong and to stay motivated,” said Guerreiro.

The Portugese pro’s recovery is going smoothly and after two weeks off — he’s already back to training on the road. “I’m not 100 percent, but I already have mobility in my arm and I can already train on the bike,” said Guerreiro. He’s also been working hard at home with the help of a physiotherapist and has seen major improvements in his shoulder. 


Our team doctor Kevin Sprouse also weighed in. “Fortunately, Ruben’s injury is a pretty standard clavicle repair. His recovery should mirror that. Most cyclists go through this kind of injury and he’s doing well,” said Sprouse. 


While Guerreiro has dedicated much of his time to healing, he’s also setting his sights on racing again soon. “I’m always motivated to recover and do things well. The days have already gone by quickly,” said Guerriero.