Gallery: at the Roubaix recon it’s all in the details

Paris-Roubaix demands the best of us, and our gear

On Thursday, we rode the cobblestones of northern France. They’re the angry ones – the ones with teeth, compared to the cobbles of Belgium, packed in tight with smooth edges. These Roubaix monsters… not so much. Sharp edges and big gaps between them make for a jarring, rugged ride. 

We test, check, re-test, and check again every piece of equipment we use, from the PrologoPrologo bar-tape (double the padding, at least) to the CannondaleCannondale bike itself. Tire pressure is a science, thankfully SILCASilca is the best in the game at helping us get it right  At Paris-Roubaix, every single detail matters. Check out our gallery from the recon, but take special note of the equipment we’re on – it carries us through the toughest race in the world. From the perfectly tuned Cannondale Synapse frame to the VittoriaVittoria tires stretched over VisionVision wheels and our cobble-tested FSAFSA cockpits rings and cockpits, we’re downright spoiled.

We bring the goods. And we bring a lot of them. 21 bikes. More than 60 wheelsets. And then there’s the extra people: Seven service teams in seven extra cars, covering 29 sections. Read more about our partners here.