Rigo’s restart

Urán discusses his recovery, training and race schedule

In the last 11 months, Rigoberto Urán has pinned numbers onto the back of his jersey only once, at the Tour Colombia this year in February, before racing came to an abrupt halt in March. But he laughs when asked how he feels about his lack of racing and reassures us that he’s in fighting form and appreciates that that extra down time has only aided his recovery and fueled his motivation to return. We caught up with Rigo for a while as the race season is poised to resume. Hear from him below. 

How was the confinement with you over in Colombia?

It was ok, we had two months where we weren’t allowed out of the house then after that, luckily, they let professional cyclists go out to train, but before this when we were at home it was really relaxed. I was trying to keep in as much contact as possible with family and with my followers, trying to share as much as possible with everyone. 


We were also doing a lot with the team, a lot of contact with each other and doing weekly classes with Matt [Rabin, team physio], all of us doing exercises together, which was really good and a fun way to keep that team connection alive.

You’ve been training in Colombia a lot with Sergio and Dani the last few weeks?

Yeah I’ve been training with them both, Dani came over to Medellín as well, so we were out training together a lot. It’s been great finally being able to catch up with them. We’ve had fun chatting about loads of things and talking about the season ahead, it’s always great hanging out together. 

How are things in Monaco?

Everything is great, it’s nice to be back over here again training and getting used to the heat and knowing that the races are about to start again. We’re ready for them!

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How is the body feeling at the moment? Is it feeling recovered?

Yeah it’s feeling pretty much recovered now, I was doing a lot of rehabilitation whilst I was in Colombia and I’ve regained a lot of mobility back in my shoulder and strength which I can feel when I’m on the bike. 

Are you continuing your rehabilitation whilst in Monaco?

At the moment I have one of the soigneurs, who was working with the team, here staying with me and he’s helping me with the rehabilitation, helping with massages and rehabilitation on my hand and helping with my nutrition, it’s great having him here. The recovery has really come along and I’m feeling strong again.  

What are you looking forward to most about restarting the races? 

I’m just really looking forward to having the opportunity to get back racing, after having such a serious accident last year it’s been great to have that extra time to recover. But it’s also been a tough year, we’ve raced very little, I think we’ve all learned a lot, we’re still learning a lot, and I think now we’re all just hoping that the races go ahead, the Dauphiné and the Tour especially.

How are you feeling about going to the Dauphiné, because in nearly a year you’ve only raced one race, the Tour Colombia?

Yeah only the Tour Colombia, but don’t you worry, I’m feeling good, I’ve been training super hard, for sure I’ll suffer a bit at the Dauphiné but this race will get me back to my peak and it’ll be fine. 

What do you think about the Tour route this year? 

It will be another tough one, not just for the riders but also for the teams, the race organisers and the public with all the protocols that are in place, but it’s something that has to be done and it’s definitely for the best, it will be an interesting edition for sure.