Rigoberto Uran: I just love racing my bike

    CyclingNews caught up with Rigoberto Uran following one of his most successful seasons to date. The Colombian spoke to Stephen Ferrand about sticking with Slipstream Sports, the Tour de France and his focus on health and happiness over race results.

    Rigoberto Uran can often be elusive during races, and was especially so at this year’s Tour de France. He prefered to quickly escape the attention of the Colombian media and anyone who seeks to ask him about his race, how he would topple Chris Froome or what his second place overall meant for his future. Uran avoided any pressure with a quick sound bite, a laugh and a quick turn of the pedals.

    Uran is not aloof and unfriendly. Quite the contrary. But he has no desire to waste time or energy thinking about the past, the future or things out of his control. He enjoys living for the moment.

    Uran’s real character emerges away from the big races. He still laughs and smiles just as he did on the Tour de France podium in Paris but is more contemplative, revealing why his character and ability combined so well in 2017 and helped him finish just 54 seconds behind Froome at the Tour.

    “This has been a great season for me, but I always say that every season has been great, no matter what results I achieve,” he says in a mix of Spanish and Italian and with a shrug of the shoulders.

    “My personal happiness and my family’s happiness doesn’t depend on if I win a certain race or not. I know I’m paid to win, that’s part of professional sport, but I race without worrying about ‘having’ to win. If I do win, great but if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world. It’s more important to know that I’m healthy and happy. I just hope to carry the success and consistency of this season. What else could I want?”

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