Tom Scully

Girona, Spain and Andorra
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish
Last Race
Deutschland Tour
"Explore the world to me means travel. To get out there and travel about. Go to some different places. Just explore. Have a good time, have a bad time. There's not always going to be a good time and enjoying it. There will be bad times and things will go wrong. But that's what it's all about. The experience, the full range of experiences you’re going to have."

Tom Scully was one of three Drapac Cycling riders to ink a contract with what was then known as Cannondale-Drapac ahead of the 2017 season. Upon signing, the Kiwi was no stranger to racing in argyle, having ridden for Jonathan Vaughters’ Chipotle-First Solar Development team in 2011-2012 and doing a stint with the WorldTour team, then known as Garmin-Sharp, as a stagiaire in 2012.

A handy domestique, Tom also has demonstrated his ability to seize the opportunities that he creates for himself. During his first season in argyle, Tom took his second professional victory at the Route de Sud. Part of the early escape, Tom out-sprinted five riders on the final day of racing in southern France.

Tom has proven a quick study in navigating the cobbled classics races, developing into a trusted domestique in the sport’s biggest races.

Q&A with Tom


Scud. The nickname came when I raced on the track, and a lot of different road teams have sort of picked it up along the way. They were trying to help me when a race when I was young and were going to “launch the scud”, so it just stuck from there.

Favorite city?

London. I enjoy going to London just because there's so many people there, so many different cultures and sights, smells, sounds, experiences to have.

How do you like to relax?

Flat out on the couch.

Favorite Kiwi phrase?

Yeah..Nah. When someone says something, and you're agreeing with whatever they said but you really don't want to do what it is. Yeah...nah. It's a non-committal answer.

Dream vacation?

When the cycling season is over, I'd like to pack up a camper van or truck and drive to the North Island of New Zealand, tour around and explore the country.