Tejay van Garderen

Basalt, Colorado, USA
Languages Spoken
English, Dutch
Last Race
Gree-Tour of Guangxi
"I think a fresh environment can spark a motivation that you might not have known was there.”

Tejay grew up in Bozeman, Montana. He enters many races as the team’s general contender (GC) but also loves to play a support role when racing for his teammates. Tejay says the proudest moment of his career was winning the white jersey, awarded to the best young rider, at the 2012 Tour de France. Tejay is a huge Colorado sports fan.



Q&A with Tejay

What animal best describes you?

I'm not sure I've ever really thought about that until now. I guess a lion. I'm a Leo.

Favorite city?

Florence. I started my career living in Lucca, Tuscany and I'd visit Florence when I could. It’s beautiful. The people are nice and the food is incredible. The wine out-of-this-world. The architecture, the feeling you get when you’re there, there's something about Italy and Florence that just seems like Old World, There’s a sense of tradition, of welcoming. Italians are so proud, and they want to show you what makes their home so great, and they want to take care of you.

Travel must have?

I cannot travel without my coffee-maker. If I don't have a good cup of coffee in the morning you don't want to be around me. Dark roast.

Best cycling moment?

The best moment in my cycling career would have to be getting onto the podium for the white jersey at the Tour de France. It was the culmination of everything that I had dreamt about in the sport. To see all the fans, to be presented the jersey, to stand on the podium in Paris with the other jersey winners.

Travel tip?

Pack light