Tanel Kangert

Paranal, Estonia and Girona, Spain
Languages Spoken
Estonian, English, French, Italian
Last Race
Il Lombardia
"We have so many different nationalities in this team, in the peloton. We learn each other about our cultures. We can talk about how we live back home, what we love to do with our free time, what we eat, funny things we say. For me, this is also a way to explore the world."

Tanel is a WorldTour veteran and cycling all-arounder. He always travels with a book, preferably non-fiction. Tanel speaks Estonian, French, Italian and English, and is hoping to learn additional languages in the coming years.



Q&A with Tanel


Back in the school, Kunks. It's kind of the short version of my family name but I think few Estonians can pronounce it.

Travel must have?

I always have a book with me.

Favorite city?

I like smaller towns. I don't like big cities. I feel stressed there. I can do a weekend getaway in a big city. I went out in London, New York, wherever, but staying there for long time just stresses me out and tires me.

Best day on the bike?

I'd say it's still happening every day. This whole cycling thing is a great adventure, and I try to enjoy it as much as I can.

Dream vacation?

Something related to adventure. Maybe riding a bike, or adventerous parcours, seeing new towns, new people, having nothing really planned. It can be a ground trip with a car or the bike, but I'd have to be moving, I don't stand laying in the poolside for one week.