Tanel Kangert

Paranal, Estonia and Girona, Spain
Languages Spoken
Estonian, English, French, Italian
Last Race
Cannondale + EF Community Ride
United States
"We have so many different nationalities in this team, in the peloton. We teach each other about our cultures. We can talk about how we live back home, what we love to do with our free time, what we eat, funny things we say. For me, this is also a way to explore the world."

Tanel is a WorldTour veteran and cycling all-arounder. He always travels with a book, preferably non-fiction. Tanel speaks Estonian, French, Italian and English, and is hoping to learn additional languages in the coming years. 

While Tanel has an impressive resume, including 11 victories, he values his contribution to collective performances over individual results to define himself as a rider. He sees himself as an important helper who can chase personal results when given the opportunity. 

Q&A with Tanel

Cycling makes me feel


Travel must have

A book

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to


Favorite pizza topping

Cured ham

If I weren’t a professional cyclist, I would be

managing my bike shop a bit better than I do now

Describe EF in one word