Stefan Bissegger

Weinfelden, Switzerland
Languages Spoken
English, German, Swiss-German, French
Last Race
Benelux Tour

The young track and road phenom hails from the green pastures of Switzerland. The 23-year old has been racing bikes for nearly half of his life. He did his first road race when he was 10 on a bike borrowed from his local bicycle store.

“The guy from the store told me I couldn’t start the race on the bike I had been riding around on as a child,” Bissegger explains. “He gave me a bike of his. That bike and that race started it all. And the funny thing is, the guy who gave me the bike, he’s now my trainer. I was 10-years-old. He’s been by my side for 10 years now.”

His talent on the road was put on display at last year’s U23 World Championship road race in a cold and gloomy Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England. He narrowly finished third in a hotly contested road race.

Stefan Bissegger is having a big year in 2021. It’s his first full year in the pro peloton and he has already taken three victories – two in time trials and one in a road stage at the Tour de Suisse his home race. He also took part in his first Tour de France and set a new Swiss national record in the team pursuit at the Tokyo Olympic Games. And the year isn’t over yet…

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