Stefan Bissegger

Weinfelden, Switzerland
Languages Spoken
English, German, Swiss-German, French
Last Race
Tour de Suisse

The young track and road phenom hails from the green pastures of Switzerland. The 23-year old has been racing bikes for nearly half of his life. He did his first road race when he was 10 on a bike borrowed from his local bicycle store.

“The guy from the store told me I couldn’t start the race on the bike I had been riding around on as a child,” Bissegger explains. “He gave me a bike of his. That bike and that race started it all. And the funny thing is, the guy who gave me the bike, he’s now my trainer. I was 10-years-old. He’s been by my side for 10 years now.”

His talent on the road was put on display at last year’s U23 World Championship road race in a cold and gloomy Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England. He narrowly finished third in a hotly contested road race. While he was supposed to be preparing for the Olympics last year, Stefan was excited to make his start in pink, which happens to be one of Stefan’s favorite colors “I’m happy to wear this color soon.”

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