Sacha Modolo

Conegliano, Treviso, Italy
Languages Spoken
Italian, English
Last Race
Gran Piemonte
"For me to explore the world means to get to know new people, new places, and new cultures as well."

Sacha, a sprinter from Italy, boasts the most wins of any rider on the EF Education First roster. Sacha’s greatest strength lies in his consistency. Since his first professional victory in 2011, he has never allowed a season to pass without a win. His best advice to travelers? Learn English.



Q&A with Sacha

What animal best describes you?

A Labrador. Because they're happy dogs, funny, carefree.

What would you be if you weren't a professional cyclist?

I think I would have done something completely different, not in sports. I like fixing old motorbikes, vespas, lambrettas. I think I would have been a mechanic.

The one thing you can't travel without?

Music. On my phone or iPod.

What advice do you have for someone traveling abroad?

Learn English!

Favorite city?

Venice, because it’s a place that’s close to my hometown and it’s a romantic town. It's where I asked my wife to marry me.

What’s your favorite music to play before a race?

Queen, Freddie Mercury

What's your dream vacation?

I just did it! I was two days in Los Angeles and 15 days in Bora Bora. That was my dream vacation.