Nate Brown

Nashville, Tennessee, USA and Girona, Spain
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish
Last Race
Japan Cup Cycle Road Race
"To me, explore the world means to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, to experience something different than what you already know, and to bring back what you learn to your community so that everyone can benefit from all that's out there."

Q&A with Nate

What animal best describes you?

Lion. I just feel like I'm a lion, you know, out roaming the jungle.

What would you be if you weren't a cyclist?

I would be a development director or development team director. I have a passion for helping out the next generation of cycling.

Dream vacation?

Borabora. Beaches, blue water, sunshine. It's everything I love.

Most memorable ride?

The first time I got a road bike, I took it for its maiden voyage in the rain. I was just really eager to get out to the test the bike. I crashed within the first two minutes of that test ride. I destroyed my lip, chipped a couple teeth. The bike fared better than I did. And that’s how I got into road riding.


Downtown Nate Brown. My junior director gave it to me when I was 17. It’s stuck.