Matti Breschel

Copenhagen, Denmark
Languages Spoken
Danish, English, Italian, German, Swedish, Norwegian
“As a professional cyclist, I obviously travel a lot. Seeing so many different cultures has expanded my horizon.”

Matti Breschel is embarking on his 15th season as a professional cyclist. With 21 professional victories, eight grand tours and 30+ classics starts to his name, the Dane is officially regarded as one of the sport’s elder statesmen.

A fan and staff favorite who isn’t afraid to belt out a few old rock-n-rolls songs on the bus, Matti has long been a steady hand in the spring’s northern classics and has grown into a reliable road captain.

Matti has twice ridden for the team. His first stint in argyle came in 2016. He left for one season but returned at the start of 2018.

Fun facts: Matti spent his late teens as a professional model in New York City, Milano and Berlin. He plays guitar and write his own songs.

Q&A with Matti

Dream vacation?

I would love to buy an old Volkswagon, you know all those big vans from the eighties, and then throw my whole family and just drive around Europe for a month.

Favorite cycling moment?

I recently took my son out for a ride, and it was amazing to share that with him. Seeing him growing up, riding his bike, which is something you can’t avoid in a country like Denmark, brings me a lot of joy.

Travel must have?

A good book. My favorite books are history or war history. I read to fall asleep at night.

Favorite city?

Paris. I never tire of exploring the city. It has a lot of history. I enjoy wondering the streets, seeing the people.

What would you be if you weren’t a cyclist?

Hopefully something with music. I’m definitely into being on stage and performing.