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Girona, Spain
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I've tried to juggle professional racing and adventure cycling for the last four, five years. The opportunity to combine both those passions, essentially racing and exploration on a bike, that's what really drew me to come to this team. To explore that mix and see where that gets us."

Lachlan embraced the EF Education-NIPPO’s alternative calendar wholeheartedly, racing all four races on our 2019 alternative calendar — Dirty Kanza, Leadville 100, GBDuro and Three Peaks Cyclocross. He also rode the iconic Colorado Trail (850 kilometers) in just under four hours (3 days, 22 minutes) to raise funds for Australia’s Starlight Foundation. In 2020, Lachlan continued to chase alternative calendar events and completed the imphamous 700 Kilometer Badlands race in 44 hours. Oh and he did that after taking a combined 15 minutes off the bike throughout the event. For Lachlan, racing for EF Education-NIPPO has offered him a perfectly crafted bridge, linking his World Tour goals with his thirst for exploration and new challenges.

Lachlan’s approach to professional cycling has been, well, alternative. He raced with us from 2011-2014, first on the development team and then for Garmin-Sharp, before opting out of the WorldTour in pursuit of off-the-beaten path adventures.

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Those adventures included several long expeditions with his brother Gus and filming the “Thereabouts” documentaries, in partnership with Rapha. The rides and the filmmaking allowed Lachlan and Gus to connect with the bike, each other and other people in a different ways. And for Lachlan, these connections are at the crux of why he rides.

That’s not to say Lachlan doesn’t like to win. He does. He’s as competitive as as any of his teammates, and he as the results to prove it. Last season, Lachlan won the fifth stage of the 2019 Tour of Utah one week after completing (and podiuming) at his first Leadville 100.

Q&A with Lachlan

What animal best describes you?


Travel must have?

Instant coffee

Advice for new travelers?

Go slowly. Don't go too many places. Spend more time really getting to know a single place.

Favorite city?

Sydney. It was the first big city I visited. I still feel like I don't totally know it.

Favorite cycling moment?

That’s a difficult one. I think riding to the middle of Australia with my brother is my nicest bike experience. In terms of racing, winning the Tour of Utah was definitely special. My family was there. My brother was on the team. My wife was there. Pretty cool.