Joe Dombrowski

Nice, France
Languages Spoken
English, French
Last Race
Memorial Marco Pantani
"Professional cycling has given me a pretty amazing opportunity to see so many places around the world and experience so many different cultures. What I've learned from it all, it's not something that can come from a book or a formal setting, it's not something you can teach. I appreciate that I've had the opportunity to live a life that not only allows but requires global exploration."

Joe is a natural born climber. He flexed his climbing muscles en route to his “Baby Giro” win in 2012. Joe’s role on the team is a bit of a polymorph. He can climb, he can ride for himself, and help teammates high in the mountains. Joe spends his racing season based in Nice, France. Fun fact? Both of Joe’s parents are rocket scientists.



Q&A with Joe

What animal best describes you?

A greyhound. They have pretty good athletic capability but they're also quite docile.

Travel must have?

I cannot travel without a really cheap little set of Wahl clippers because I don't shave my legs, I clip them. I also always pack a little travel speaker. And also sometimes an aeropress.

Favorite city?

Nice. It's beautiful with great weather year-round. There's an international airport, the water. It's contained geographically by the mountains, so there's not any sprawl. Nice has some of the best riding in the world. And, now, it feels like home.

Travel tip?

Don't do any research on the Internet. Just wing it.

Favorite school subject?