Diego Camargo

Tuta, Colombia
Languages Spoken
Last Race
Vuelta a España
“I’m a young and passionate bike rider and I’m so happy to be here in the world of cycling, reaching towards achieving my goals and getting better every day.”

Diego Camargo’s talent was discovered at a young age and his love for riding quickly turned into a passion for racing. At the Vuelta de Tuta in 2015, Camargo raced his steel bike against a field of guys who were far more trained and equipped than he was. And he still beat them all by a minute. Fast forward to many years later, when he became one of very few riders to win both the Vuelta Juventud and Vuelta Colombia in the same year. His favorite place to ride is in Tuta, Boyacá and it’s always been his dream to one day race in Europe. Camargo is looking forward to exploring the continent with his new teammates this year.

Q&A with Diego

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