Alberto Bettiol

Castelfiorentino, Florence, Italy
Languages Spoken
Italian, English, Spanish, French
Last Race
UCI Road World Championships
United Kingdom
"Being from Italy, the Giro is very important to me, so pink has always been my favorite color. I’m happy now to have a new reason to love pink.”

Alberto lives close to Florence. He is an all-rounder, who can mix it up in any race on any given day. Alberto spent three years with the team in 2015-2017. After a year away, he returned this season. Alberto’s favorite place to race is Italy because he loves to race in front of family and friends.



Q&A with Alberto

What animal best describes you?

I'm a scorpion because of my Zodiac sign.

Favorite city?

Los Angeles, I think. And also Florence. It's the nearest big city to me.

Best day on the bike?

That came at the 2017 Tour de France, when I finished in fifth place on one of the early stages. It’s not because of the result but because I looked at that stage for months. I started on google maps, learning the roads. I figured them out so well that it was like I had already been there even though I had not. I knew every road, every corner, every bridge, every hole in the asphalt. That helped me a lot. It was a huge advantage. I was able to be exactly where I needed to be because I had studied the stage so well. It was the perfect day. Unfortunately there are also people like Sagan.

Dream vacation?

Bora Bora French Polynesia, because it's so far, because it's so beautiful. My dream is to go there with my future wife for our honeymoon.

What would you be if you weren't a cyclist?

Maybe a pilot. I love to fly.