Q&A with David Sesay

A chat with Lunsar Cycling's team captain

Good kits, bikes, and safety equipment are essential to the sport of cycling. 


And when Lachlan donated his kits last year to the Lunsar Cycling Team in Sierra Leone, one thing became clear. Even though these athletes ride their bikes (and ride them fast) there’s a need for quality equipment in their country. So in order for this talented team to perform at the next level, they’re asking for donations so they can participate in more races in 2021. To use their own words: “Don’t sleep on African cycling.” 


We sat down with the team’s captain David Sesay (a real star in the making himself) and asked him about his love for the sport and how you can best support his team.   


When did you start cycling? 

“I started cycling in 2012 with a single speed bicycle.”


What else about the sport inspired you to take part?

“I love seeing people cycling around, especially my older brother who was the captain of the national team. I thought for myself that I will make cycling a career and explore around the world of bicycle riding international races.”


What is your favorite thing about riding and the sport in general? 

“Sprinting and being on the podium.”


When did you join the Lunsar team?

“I joined the Lunsar Cycling team in 2015 when my brother became friends with Abdul Karim Kamara, the CEO and President of Lunsar.”


What is your favorite part about being on the Lunsar team?

“It’s the unity amongst the team. We celebrate each and everyone’s success despite the challenges we face as cyclists.”


Do you follow EF Pro Cycling’s races or any of the professional cycling teams?

“I do follow the EF Pro Cycling team. They even recognize me as one of their top fans on Facebook. I watched them riding the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia this year. I was so impressed with their riding and what they stand for.”


What are your plans for next year with the Lunsar team?

“My plan as a cyclist is to see the team involved in many cycling events around the world. I want to see my team be able to compete in the biggest cycling events in Africa, Europe and America. I wish to one day see either me or any of my teammates compete and win the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia.”


How can people help support your team?

“I want those that are supporting us to keep supporting us and those that want to support us, we always could use proper equipment and bicycles for the team to keep us fit. We also have challenges in attending international races because we have no funds. We need support in that as well. Additionally, we need support in attending training camps around the world. Thanks to Africa Rising, they sent us to one here called Adrien Niyonshuti of Rwanda for five days of training.”


Any last words? 

“My special regard to all the cyclists, staff and management of the EF Pro Cycling team. I am a fan of the EF Pro Cycling team and will always be.” 


The feeling is mutual, David. Head here to support the Lunsar Cycling team and stay up to date with them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.