Put a duck on it

Our brand new gear for the 2020 Giro d'Italia

When Palace Skateboards and Rapha came together for this collab, we knew it would be good. But we didn’t know it would be THIS good. Then POC and Cannondale came in, and said “hold my board,” we got this. The result, a whole host of gear that will make your mouth (and beaks) drop!


Check out our brand new tech for this year’s Giro d’Italia. Some wise person once said “Look good. Feel good. Race good.” We’ll take that advice to heart.

The Kit

The kit is made by Rapha.

The design came from a collaboration with global skateboarding company, Palace Skateboards

The Bikes

The bikes are made by Cannondale and for more on the bike we’re riding on at the Giro head here

Featured below are the: SuperSix Evo, SystemSix, SuperSlice

The Helmets

The helmets are made by our long time partner POC.

Featured below are the: Ventral Air Spin, Ventral Spin, Cerebel Raceday, Tempor