Project recovery with Rigoberto Urán

I always want to be out there racing, I can’t wait to be back.”

– Rigoberto Urán


There’s not much that can keep that trademark smile off Rigoberto UránRigoberto Urán’s face for very long, thankfully. His presence has been greatly missed by the team over the past few weeks since his collarbone fracture during the second stage of Paris-Nice. So EF Education First Pro Cycling are happy that he will be back racing in pink again shortly.


“About one to two weeks ago the doctor said to me that I was going to be able to race again,” Urán says.


“The shoulder is fine, I have no pain, I’ve been having physio on it. I was suffering more with back pain than in the shoulder but now that’s all fine as well, so it means that I’m back to regular training again. Three weeks ago I started riding my bike out on the road again,” he continues.


Over the last few weeks Urán flew back to his hometown of Medellín in Colombia to enjoy some home comforts to help speed his recovery along. His doctors have said they are happy with how everything is progressing.


“Everything is going really well right now,” said Uran. “I’m in Colombia preparing for my next race and the doctors tell me that everything is going really well.”


Being sidelined due to injury is a tough time to get through for any rider, when that light starts to shine at the end of the tunnel of recovery, excitement to get back out there with their team is a big motivator.  


“Right now I’m here in Colombia training in the mountains, working at altitude. I’m really looking forward to getting out there racing. I always want to be out there racing, I can’t wait to be back,” Urán enthuses.


“This year I have raced very little, I feel like I’ve just mainly been training,” he continues. “I love being at the races. I’m looking forward to starting back, to being with my team again.”


And the team can’t wait to see him back either, we look forward to seeing him on a startline very soon.