Preview: The race of passion

Our Giro d’Italia squad is ready for their lap around Italy.

If it feels like we were only just on our last Grand Tour, that’s because we were. A little under two weeks ago, we were racing at the Tour de France and we are now back for the second of the three Grand Tours, the Giro d’Italia. 

The Giro always delivers a spectacle. Whether it’s a snowy thunderstorm on a summit finish, the long grueling stages under the Sicilian sun, or the fast and furious time trials through the historical streets of Verona, the Giro is always a fan and rider favorite. This year’s edition should promise much of the same with beautiful Italian countryside, long, hard stages and unpredictable weather all on the menu. We wouldn’t expect anything else from the country that has given us some of the greatest spectacles this world has ever seen. 

We’re sending a squad of young guns and seasoned veterans. They’re ready to chase stages and they are ready to get rocking and rolling for what is sure to be a spectacular show. 

Hear from our squad below:

Sean Bennett

I’m excited to be coming back to Italy for the Giro this year. I learned a lot from last year about racing a grand tour and I’m happy to be racing one again.

Simon Clarke

I’m super excited to be heading back to the Giro. This will be my third Giro, and I have very good memories of my last two. One of them, my first one, we won the team time trial, and then I was also able to wear the pink jersey for a day when I was still riding for Mitchelton. And then my second Giro I did 2016 and it was my first Grand Tour in this team and I have fond memories of being able to ride for Rigo and teaming up with him and really getting to know each other. That was the start of the good friendship I have with Rigo. 

We’ve got quite a young team this year, having sent most of our GC guys to the Tour de France this year. We’ve got a really nice team to go chase some stages this year and I think we’re going to have some fun doing that as well. We’ve got some really quality guys who are in good condition and I think that we can go to the Giro and have a really good crack at winning some stages. 

Lawson Craddock

First Giro d’Italia

For me, it’s my first time doing the Giro and any time you have a new race on your calendar it’s always exciting. I’ve been watching this race on TV for many years and I think the word that comes to mind is pure ‘epicness.’ To play a part in that this year will be exciting. 

The team we’ve got here this year has a lot of opportunists who can play a big role in the race each and every day. I’m looking forward to getting racing going and kicking off this second half of this shortened season. 

Jonathan Caicedo

I’m very happy to have gotten the opportunity to ride in the Giro again.

Ruben Guerreiro

First Giro d’Italia

It feels really good to do a Grand Tour in such a difficult year, especially the Giro where most of the country suffered from the virus. We have a strong team and a really nice group.

Tanel Kangert

Being back at the Giro is great. It has always been one the highlights for me during the year. I like the atmosphere and the challenging racing. In the Giro, there are always a lot more unexpected tactical moves and the racing is usually more aggressive than what you get at the other Grand Tours.

I think most interesting will be seeing myself racing a Grand Tour in October and starting the race with my record training kilometers. I look forward to seeing if I can improve my form during three hard weeks. We are all very evenly matched on this team and everyone will get a few shots to try to win a stage. Watch out for EF, because we are all still hungry for results.

Lachlan Morton

First Giro d’Italia

The Giro captured my imagination when I was a kid. The magazine photos of early 2000 editions fueled my ambitions to become a professional. To get to ride it myself is a real dream. Racing in Italy is always a throw back to the traditions of road racing in the pure form. Physically I’m not sure how I am. I’ve been trying my best to recover from Badlands and stay in shape at the same time. I’m hoping my enthusiasm to compete in what is the most beautiful road cycling event will be enough to keep my legs moving.

Jimmy Whelan

First Grand Tour

I am super excited to do the Giro. It will also be my first Grand Tour. I know I am going to a bike race that I have never been to before and I will be reaching limits that I have never ventured into. After all the ups and downs of this year, it’s super exciting to put all of my focus into a three week challenge with the team. I am also aware of the extreme conditions that we will be riding in, from the heat of Sicily to the cold snow of the Dolomites. It’s going to be a long and challenging three weeks, but to be back amongst the team and doing what I love after being away from the guys for so long is super exciting. 

Getting the callout from one of the directors was both super exciting and super nerve wracking. I’ve watched the three-week races on TV, but given that it’s so late in the year I know there will be some brand-new challenges. It will be interesting to see how I do physically, but I’ll just keep taking it week by week and day by day. 

Fabrizio Guidi

Sport Director

To race in a great tour means facing an adventure of three weeks full of experiences to share with a group that will try to excite the race and themselves in the process. Ours is a team dedicated to attack, a group that will have to exploit and seek opportunities day after day not only with calculations and strategies but also with the heart and the desire to emerge.  We are motivated and we will not dwell on any pitfalls. In short, we are preparing for a battle, and we will fight.

Matti Breschel
Sport Director

We have been waiting a long time for this Giro d’Italia and I’m really looking forward to finally beginning the race. I’m excited about the team we have – a mix between young guns and a lot of experience. I expect us to look for opportunities and every stage is a great chance. The Giro is beautiful and the riders are the stars. The variation of the race makes it tough. The weather in Italy can be very unpredictable this time of year and it will definitely be a huge challenge for the riders once we get closer to the Alps and the Dolomites.