#PinkArgyle partner: OTE Sports – Rider weight management at the Tour de France

    Did you know that riders can burn as many as 9000kcal during a single stage of the Tour de France? How does one maintain a proper energy balance during these high intensity days?

    The folks at OTE Sports sat down with EF Education First – Drapac p/b Cannondale nutritionist Nigel Mitchell to help explain the unique challenges of weight management during a Grand Tour.

    At the start of each Grand Tour, a team will do a body composition analysis with each rider. They will check their starting weight and body fat percentage as benchmark to compare to throughout the race. A rider doesn’t want to be losing weight during the 3 weeks as this would mean they are in negative energy balance. Being in a negative energy balance during a race can not only affect on the bike performance but also a rider’s recovery.

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