#PinkArgyle partner: Driving the team forward – Andrea Bisogno’s EF journey

    EF Education First sits down with our very own Andrea Bisogno, a.k.a. Biso, to learn about his role as team bus driver. We learn how he first became involved in cycling, what a day at a grand tour looks like for him, and why he packs fewer and fewer things every time he travels with the team.

    The bus is like a big motor home. There is a toilet, two showers, a fridge, a small kitchen, blinds, comfortable seats, and a big sofa in the back. Under the bus is storage, an electric generator, 800L of clean water, 400L of dirty water, a water heater, and space for the bikes.

    Normally, my season starts with training camp in January and finishes around mid-October. Then I have a long holiday in the winter. I’m traveling around 180 days a year…

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