Morton finishes a captivating GBDuro

“This was the most incredible experience in my life”

-Lachlan Morton


The race organizers billed the GBDuro as a scrappy, rolling picnic. That picnic included 2,000 kilometers, and of course eating outside… in a sleeping bag on the side of the road. Scrappy, indeed. 


Lachlan MortonLachlan Morton arrived at John o’Groats Friday night at 10:30 pm GMT after a 20 hour day on the bike, marking the end to the ultra-endurance race he started a week prior. He got there well ahead of the next rider, but that wasn’t the point of the ride, really — it was about riding the length of Great Britain, from tip to tail, in his own style. 


Since he left Land’s End a week ago, Morton has traveled 2000-kilometers, climbed 29,000-meters (over three times the height of Mount Everest), and pushed boundaries he didn’t know existed. 


“It was so much beyond anything I have ever done before,” he said at the finish. 


The route from the south of England to the north of Scotland has not been without its difficulties. Lachlan had to go around closed bridges, climb over closed fences, carry his bike through rivers and streams, and sleep in hedges on the side of the road. He has had to endure all of this while riding through the tough and often unpredictable British weather, and while navigating the relentless terrain the organizers picked for what’s proven to be deeply challenging route. 


But the route, organized by The Racing Collective, turned out to be magical regardless. While the riders were only together during the first couple of kilometers of day one, they have been keeping in touch with each other through a messaging app. They send each other words of encouragement, route suggestions, status updates, and anything that crosses their minds while on the road. But throughout the first week of the race, one phrase kept popping up: “This is the most incredible journey we have ever been on.” 


Therein lies the beauty. The riders push the limits of their physical capabilities, testing not only their bodies but also their minds, and somewhere deep in all of this physical hurt, the relentless beauty of the countryside is ever-present.


Thank you to The Racing Collective for an amazing course. Thank you to the dot-watchers who joined Lachlan and all the other riders on the road, thank you Great Britain for showing us your beauty and hospitality. And most importantly, thank you to all the other riders who shared this adventure with us.


Good luck to all the riders still on the road.