Moreno’s Bike Cleaning Guide

The dutch pro shares his best tips with us

In honor of our bike sale this week, we figured it would be wise to ask Moreno Hofland how to clean yours as best you can. Hofland comes from a cycling-obsessed family, and it’s pretty obvious since he takes expert care of his equipment and ensures his bikes are in top shape whenever he goes for a ride. Since you’re probably hitting the trails a lot like the dutch pro, it may be time for you to give your bike a deep wash. Fortunately for us, Hofland has shared his simple steps we should use to spruce it up for our next adventure.

1. Grab an old t-shirt

First, start off by taking an old t-shirt to rub off any old oil on the chain.

2. Degrease

Put some degreaser on the chain/cassette and derailleur.

3. Clean with soap and water

Take an old dishwasher brush and clean the cassette chain and the chain rings. Once you do this, you can take a bucket with clean soap and water to start cleaning the rest of the bike. Once you’re finished, wash down the bike with a garden hose.

4. Get a clean towel

Take a clean towel and dry your steer saddle and the rest of the bike.

5.  Let it dry overnight

Set it in the garage or somewhere to keep it dry. The next morning and when the chain is dry, put on some new chain lube. Now you are ready to go!

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