Mitch Docker’s ultimate playlist

Our Aussie ace shares his favorite pump-up songs

Mitch Docker is known to be one of the coolest guys in the peloton. So wouldn’t you want to know what gets him pumped up before a workout or race?

When we asked the Aussie pro to share his playlist with us, he not only said yes. But he took the task very, very seriously. “It’s just too difficult for me to do an ultimate all-time playlist. There are just too many genres. How would you listen through the list and have it all flow together?” asked Docker.

So with that, he refined his playlist even further and made it entirely cycling-themed. 

“Here’s the stuff I listen to when I’m riding. I have curated this list to be listened to through a ride or training session of about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Enjoy!”

Surely we will, Mitch. And thanks for looking out.

1. Tour de France – Kraftwerk

I think this album is a bit forgotten and underrated. It’s brilliant, especially if you listen closely to the lyrics. I like this particular track, because it sets up the day nicely. I listen to this if I am starting a long tempo effort or starting my ride and don’t know what mood I am in yet, or what music I want to listen to. This is my starting point.

2. L.A. Women – The Doors

Bit of a change here, but I still feel it fits next in line well. It’s the faster tempo, with a feeling of getting going. A long build up track, where now you are mid way through your first tempo or starting to feel the vibe of the road.

3. Solid Rock – Goanna

Next up, Aussie 80’s rock. Time to get things happening. It’s not only a good sing-a-long, but it reeks of passion. Now things are getting a bit grippy on the legs, and this is starting to pump through my veins. I love my Aussie Rock, especially 80’s Australian rock, so many great bands pumping out classics back then. Very tough to pick just one to put in this list, but this is an all time favorite that speaks to Australia.

4. Survival in the City – Client Liaison

New wave, but still with an 80’s vibe. Let’s keep the Aussie vibes going. Client Liaison is an Australian duo who make modern 80’s feel Dance/electro music. At this point in my ride, I’m getting into things and the first round of efforts or I’m just moving quickly along the road. I like all the tracks from these guys and their albums are a good go-to for me for some upbeat, good vibes.

5. Human After All / Together / One More Time / Music Sounds Better with You – Daft Punk

Now this is my all-time ten minute effort track. I don’t like to call on it too much, because this is something that can take me to the next level, and I don’t want to overuse it. There are moments when I am four or give efforts deep and the last effort is looking tough, I can do it, I can get the required watts. Then I decide it’s time, and I put this on. I love this whole album. I am a big Daft Punk fan, and this 2007 live album I feel sums them up brilliantly. This particular track is one of their encore tracks from that live show. If you like Daft Punk and need one hour and thirty minutes of solid tunes to get you through a session or fast ride, then this is a great album to play through. But if you have a “ten minute maximum” effort on the program then go for this track. Listen to it build to the five minute twenty-five second point and ultimately drop and allow you to punch that last four minutes.

6.  Give it up – KC & The Sunshine Band

A big change in genre here, but it’s the necessary feel after that last big track. Light, fun and rejuvenating after you have just finished some kind of death effort. This naturally just brings a smile to your face and makes you feel better. I love disco, and you can’t help just feeling in a good mood when listening to it.

7. You’re the One for Me – D-Train

We’re staying in the disco theme, but with a bit more intensity. Another great track, but I feel this sort of gets you back in the mood after some recovery listening to KC & the Sunshine Band. It’s like “okay I’m ready to get this last effort done” or “let’s start picking up the pace again to hit that road back home.”

8. Gold – Spandau Ballet

I know, it’s Spandau Ballet. And yes, I know we are back in the 80’s again. But it’s just right. Passion in the vocals and a great beat, and we can’t forget those conga solos. They’re awesome. I can go hard to this track and also happily ride along, as I probably sing out loud to the chorus. I do love this soft rock genre, Spandau, ABC, Kajagogoo, Alphaville, and so on.  

9.  The Boys Light Up – Australian Crawl – Live Phalanx Version

And lastly, while we are doing sing-a-longs, let’s put on Australian Crawl. What a song.  I found this live version from the Phalanx album, which just adds something to an awesome classic. This is like that tune you need when you think the day is done and you hit that last annoying hill before home, this will get you over that and in sight of home. 

10. Once Upon A Time In The West – Dire Straits

This is your cool down/relax tune. It’s all done and it’s time to cruise home. Let this roll you into the driveway. You seriously cannot go wrong here with Dire Straits. But this particular track is really my favorite. 

Here’s the link to the full playlist