Matti Breschel’s ultimate playlist

Link Wray, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Chuck Wood, and more...

You might know him from his riding days, or you might know him as one of our sport directors. Either way, we all love Matti Breschel.

If you don’t know Matti, here are some of his career highlights. He started his professional career not as a professional rider, but as a professional model in New York (we recommend looking up some pictures on Google). He was one heck of a rider, winning the Danish National Championships back in 2009, finishing in the top three twice at the road world championships, and earning a host of top 10s in one-day races. He is a huge music enthusiast who dabbles in music production in his downtime. His band is dubbed the Broom Wagons.

Behold Matti’s playlist below. If you’re spending time at home like we are, it makes for excellent company.

1. Link Wray – Rumble

This song is a good one to get you fired up, play it before a race or when you are stuck in the afternoon traffic. It works!

2. Dead Kennedys – California über alles

California above all, love it.

3. SODS – Copenhagen

SODS is an old punk band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Play it loud and you might never wanna visit the city.

4. The Coasters – Down in Mexico

I always get a feeling that I am doing something bad when I listen to The Coasters, like I’m crossing the border from Denmark to Sweden without a passport.

5. Chuck Wood – Seven days is too long

No, it’s not the title song of the Tour of California or Paris Nice. It’s a dance song and it’s time to speed things up a bit. First time I heard it was back in the mid-seventies, at Wally Francis Northern Soul Nightclub in Middlesbrough, England. It was the best day of my life until I got punched in the face by a guy called John Murray for dancing too wild and got told to never return. Funny thing is, 45 years later John and I would find ourselves working together on EF Pro Cycling. John is a peaceful, harmless, hardworking soigneur. Just never ever mess with John… he is strong like a Yorkshire coal miner.   

6. Les Wampas – Toulouse

Suddenly, I’m fluent in French, living the romantic student life in university of “la ville rose” – Toulouse.

7. Köttgrottorna – Älska mig

A swedish song about loving yourself (narcissist).

8. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Do the get down

It’s 10 minutes before the start of Trofeo Playa de Palma – Palma. You got new fresh socks and a golden tan from being on a two week training camp in the South of Spain, your hair is just as nice as Sebastian LangeveldSebastian Langeveld‘s and everyone wants your autograph.

9. Jacques Dutronc – Les Cactus

You are feeling like a French man sipping Chartreuse in a French café on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris. You’ve studied poetry and art. You are wearing a late 60’s Soho London-fit, dark green suit and leather boots with a little heel. Man, you are just a cool cat! 

10. Dizzy Gillespie – Salt Peanuts

I invented an interval on my home trainer a couple of years back, inspired by this song. Salt peanuts is a 1. minute, very hard, high speed cadence interval, where you basically have to keep up the tempo with the snare of the drummer. It’s around 140-150 rpm. Very intense, but not impossible. 


Love x Matti