Logan Owen returns to cyclocross

Mud, old friends, and a cold shower.

As the road cycling season winds down, the cyclo-cross season is starting to pick up. In cyclo-cross, riders race around a short circuit for one hour and have to contend with obstacles, barriers,  tight corners, mud, steep corners and multiple sections that have to be tackled on foot. For most road riders, cyclo-cross is uncharted territory, but for Logan Owen, it feels like coming home.


After a two year hiatus from cyclo-cross, Logan OwenLogan Owen is back. For someone who spent most of his teens in the stars and stripes jersey, winning 10 consecutive national championships in the discipline, this comeback has been a long time coming. Last weekend, he picked up his cyclo-cross bike and headed to Fayetteville, Arkansas to race in the FayetteCross event. 


While Fayetteville might not be a high profile destination for cycling enthusiasts yet, over the past few years Northwest Arkansas has invested into its cycling infrastructure and has created a network of about 350 miles of shared-use and mountain biking trails. Events like FayetteCross and the 2022 Cyclo-cross World Championships which will be held at the same venue Logan raced on this weekend, showcase the town’s ambition of becoming a US cycling hotspot.


Take a look back at Logan’s (muddy) return to Cyclocross.



“I was pumped to back on the ‘cross bike and get out there and rip. I was really excited to come to Fayetteville and do some cyclocross. It was a great weekend.”



“Day one had a really fast, bumpy course. I struggled to make it up to the front group. I wanted to do the best I could, get some UCI points for what we have planned coming up.”



“After racing on the road for so long, I had to change my mindset. I’m more of a diesel engine now. It was weird because I had always been the really punchy guy for an hour.”


“Day two was a completely different race. It was super muddy. It was a slow, heavy course, lots of running. The running didn’t play against me and it didn’t really play in my favor.”



“After today, I know I have to be better to win but it was a good confidence builder to see that I could be hang in there without targeted training and do the ride that I did.”



“I might end up racing a local race here or there for fun and to get some fitness back. I like the Seattle scene. I’d love to get out there and have some fun with the people I grew up racing with.”



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