Lawson’s (workout) laws

Tips for training at home from our favorite Texan

Working out at home is never easy. We get so used to our routines, group-rides, and gyms that when the routine is disrupted, you can easily find yourself feeling a little lost. After we saw his workout setup, we reached out to Lawson CraddockLawson Craddock for a few tips and tricks to workout indoors. Check out his tricks below for staying healthy while at home with limited space. 

1. Now is the time.

First off, I would say that if you’ve been thinking of setting up any kind of workout space in the past, this is the time to do it.

2. Don’t overthink it.

It doesn’t have to be a complicated setup. For me, I hung up a TRX strap, laid down a yoga mat, and cleared space for a Bosu ball. This covers all my bases when it comes to all the exercises that I want to do.

3. Readiness is key.

I’ve also got my workout space ready to go at all times. I’m using my spare bedroom as my Zwift indoor cycling studio and my garage for core/strength exercises. These days I’ve got my bike always set up on my TacxTacx Neo trainer, so there’s no hassle in getting on. Just throw a chamois on, start up Zwift, and off I go.

4. Routine, Routine, Routine. 

While this isn’t necessarily a tip for getting an indoor workout space set up, I’ve found that the best way to utilize it all is to set up a routine for myself. Every morning when I wake up, I go straight into my core workout and knock a morning ride out immediately after. 

Then I run through my normal routine of waking the little one up, having breakfast, enjoying time with the family, and then getting back on the bike in the early afternoon. This all gives me something to set my mind on throughout the day and helps break up the monotony of being stuck indoors all day. 

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