Lachlan Morton renews with EF Pro Cycling

Australian excited to keep exploring where his limits can take him

“Ultimately I believe that is the purpose of professional sport, to inspire participation.”



The protagonist of our alternative racing calendar, Lachlan Morton, has taken us along with him on an enthralling journey over gravel passes, up muddy peaks, through long dark sleepless nights, and had us raise our arms in celebration after his stage win. His talent to keep pushing when most stop, to take on whatever terrain is thrown at him blows our minds as well as world records. Having him renew his contract with the team has us buzzing to see where his limits can take him — and all of us — next.  

What were the key reasons you wanted to stay with this team?


There’s a long list of reasons I wanted to stay on this team. The big three are people, opportunities and partners. Having the opportunity to race World Tour events while chasing new and exciting adventures in one team is a dream for me, a dream I’ve only been able to realize with EF. We have an amazing group of riders and staff that honestly feel like family. The partners we have provide us with the best equipment and support I could hope for. 


Where do you want to see cycling go in the next several years?


I’m not sure. I see it growing exponentially from a participation aspect. I think if we keep pushing the envelope at the top level we can inspire a brand new audience to engage with cycling. Ultimately I believe that is the purpose of professional sport, to inspire participation.

And what’s your role in that? What kind of cyclist do you envision yourself as moving forward?


I want to continue to do as much as possible. I have plenty of ideas for alternative events. I want to do as much as possible in that department. But I also have a fresh motivation to set some new goals for WorldTour events and really chase those, too.


You’ve gone from one extreme in Badlands, which is a wild solo endeavor, to a more traditional extreme, which is the Giro. What’s it been like to be back in a Grand Tour with a full team?


It’s been great. Incredibly motivating. I’ve learnt so much and it’s really lit a fire inside me to come back and be competitive at these events. It feels like a new sport to me again.

This year has been so strange, but you’ve done a bunch of really cool things anyways. What about this season and year will stick with you? 


When some doors are shut you can always push in a different direction. We are lucky to race, but with a bit of creativity there are always ways to challenge yourself.


What’s the big hope for 2021?


That we can race a full season and that I can find a few more of my limits on the side.