Howes is the SBT Gravel Champ

The mountain man preserves and gets big win

The usually optimistic Alex Howes didn’t have a lot of things to celebrate 24 hours ago. He suffered from mechanical issues at the Leadville 100 which set him back significantly in a race that usually favored his riding style and strengths.


He couldn’t simply catch a break during the race despite giving it his all. Then, on his way to SBT Gravel, his car was rear-ended — and his bike was on the back.


“I had a terrible day yesterday. But we somehow scrambled and got it together,” said Howes.


Congratulations to him and the team on the ground for getting it together in a big way, because you’re looking at the new SBT Gravel champion.

Despite the many setbacks, the mountain man persevered and still showed up to the race start. The bad luck was behind him and it was a new day. Howes was prepared to take on some of the toughest gravel roads on earth. 


“It was really a race of attrition. There were a couple big climbs that broke it up but it was pretty much full gas the whole day,” said Howes.


For the last 10 miles, spectators watched as a strong breakaway group of Howes, Boswell and Stetina worked together to separate themselves from the group. 


“At the end of a hard day, it’s really anybody’s game,” said Howes. Fortunately for him, it was his game to win after an exciting sprint finish. And while Howes might have looked as strong as ever throughout the race today, he was suffering. He had just logged 100 miles across the most extreme terrains of the Colorado mountains the day before, after all.


“I was really, really cramping for the last 60 kilometers,” said Howes. 


Fortunately for Howesy, his long weekend of intense alternative racing is finished. Now he can sit back, relax, and cheer on teammate and best friend Lachy who’s got an exciting week at BreckEpic ahead.