Tour of Flanders 2019


Proof that cycling is the greatest team sport

Welcome to Flanders, Belgium.

They’ve been hosting the Tour of Flanders cycling race for over 100 years.

Spoiler alert. We won the 2019 race.

Let’s see how it happened

Here’s Alberto. He’s our leader in this race.

You remember from CHAPTER ONE that our leader has “protectors”

Well, the real name for the protector is domestique.

In another race, Sep might be the leader, but in this race he is domestique.

Sep makes a move to the front.

Sep‘s strategy disrupts the chase!

He does this intentionally to tire out the competition.

Now Sep drops back to help Alberto, by “drafting.”

You’ll remember from CHAPTER ONE that drafting allows the rider at the back of the line to save energy by blocking the wind.

Alberto’s been saving his energy. He’s ready to take off.

He makes his move!

As Alberto heads for the last climb…

…Let’s introduce Sebastian, he’s our last domestique helping Alberto.

He slows down the group at the foot of the hill.

This strategy breaks everyone’s momentum!

Alberto continues to gain time…

And he takes his first win!

Alberto won the race, but it was a team win.

Sep, Sebastian, and Taylor never intended to win the race.

Their job as domestiques was to protect Alberto, help him save energy, and tire out the other team riders.

That’s how you win a team sport like cycling!

Time to Celebrate!