Guerreiro extends with EF Education-NIPPO

"This team is like home to me"

“This team is like home to me. It’s been a perfect team for my growth and to showcase my capacity.”

– Ruben Guerreiro

Ruben Guerreiro has the confidence and composure of a rider who is far more experienced. That’s why he believes this team is the perfect fit for him to keep evolving as a person and professional rider. We’re happy to announce that he’s extended his contract with EF Education-NIPPO.


Despite joining EF Education-NIPPO less than two years ago, Ruben Guerreiro has already accomplished a lot in his short time here. Last year, the 26-year-old rider cemented himself as one of the best climbers in the pro peloton after he won the King of the Mountains jersey at the Giro d’Italia.


While his climbing skills are certainly exceptional, Guerreiro has so much more to offer to the team.     


“He’s one of the most instinctually accurate riders that I’ve seen out there,” said Jonathan Vaughters. The team’s CEO saw early on that the Portuguese pro is not only bold in his racing style and attitude, but he can back it up with results. Especially when he’s in a small group during a Grand Tour race — and the conditions are less than favorable.


“He can climb well and can handle really hard terrain and difficult conditions. When he gets into a small group, he knows how to win out of that group,” Vaughters adds.

“Not only can Ruben win races for us because of his great instincts, but he can help other riders win races because of that. He knows how to read a race well,” said Vaughters.


And with plenty of races ahead this season, we’re so lucky to have him on board. Hear more from Ruben below:


What has been your highlight over the past two seasons with the team?


My favorite moment is during the Grand Tour like the Giro where we have to race for three weeks. It’s a long battle and the spirits have to be good. The team has to live like a family. This team is like home to me. I’m really involved with the riders and staff and feel that I’m still improving. It’s been a perfect team for my growth and to showcase my capacity.

What are your goals for 2021 and beyond?


I would like to do another Grand Tour this year after falling on some bad luck at the last Giro. I want to fight again for three weeks and have a good performance by the end.

Why is EF Education-NIPPO a good fit for you?


How the team operates has been good for me. In the past, I’ve had some injuries but here I feel really stable and like I’m progressing as a rider and person. I’m looking forward to some good moments in the future. I have been working with everyone well, but I’m excited to work with Sport Director Andreas Klier. I’m looking to get some good experience with him and fight for victories together.