Gruber Gallery: Tour de France Stage 21 – Paris

    There are a handful of defining moments every season. The arrival of the Tour de France peloton in Paris is undeniably one of them. While we may be leaving France with ambitions unfulfilled, we’re filled with pride #PinkArgyle’s approach to the biggest race on the calendar.

    As team captain Simon Clarke said: “The most important thing I take away from this Tour is that it that it was a successful although we’re walking away without the desired result. The team put a massive effort into the preparation for this Tour at a level I’ve never seen with any team and the way we performed in the opening week, especially in the team time trial and the pavé stage, apart from the misfortunate of Rigo’s falling off, really showed that.

    “I hope we can, as an organization, appreciate our approach and do our best to replicate it for the future. Although Rigo’s at home and hasn’t finished the Tour, I don’t think anyone is thinking that we need to go back to the drawing board. Every process was right, and maybe it takes a year of doing those processes without hiccups to see pay-off in the future. If we come back to the Tour with the same focus and a full year of attention to detail, I expect us to be very competitive in the 2019 Tour de France.”

    Yep, we’re already talking about the 2019 Tour — because preparation for next year starts on Monday.