Gruber Gallery: Giro d’Italia stage 14

    The third weekend of the Giro d’Italia opened with a treat for fans and a select few riders with the stage 14 summit finish atop the mighty Mont Zoncolan. The climb’s stats underscore it’s claim as Europe’s hardest climb. The 10.1km route averages 11.9% with several sustained pitches above 20%, setting the scene for a captivating finale.

    “There was a mixture of fear, fatigue and nervousness on the team bus,” said Mike Woods. “Everybody has a healthy dose of respect for a climb like the Zoncolan, and this being stage 14, there were a whole range of emotions that the guys are experiencing before the start.

    Woods proved a protagonist on the Zoncolan, launching a bold attack with slightly more than six kilometers from the summit.

    “I rode to win,” Woods said. “I could have sat in and maybe finished in the top 5-8 riders but instead I laid it out there, and to me, that is a way cooler way to race.”

    The Grubers are back (YAY!) and their latest set of images capture the drama and beauty of the day.