Gruber Gallery: Giro d’Italia stage eight

    It was a savage Giro d’Italia stage on Saturday. #PinkArgyle Plan A for stage eight was to get a rider in the breakaway. Nate Brown, Hugh Carthy and Joe Dombrowski covered move-after-move but missed the group that ultimately got the nod from the peloton after nearly 90 minutes of racing.

    Break away, the team moved to Plan B, racing for Mike Woods up the 17km Montevergine summit finish. Woods has been battling seasonal allergies the last few days and told his teammates not to contribute to the pace-making and instead save their energy for the final. They did. And Woodsy came in with overall favorites, slotting into ninth place and gaining a spot on the general classification. He’ll head into Sunday’s mountain stage in 12th overall.

    Following the stage, Woods said: “Ninth today on the climb, considering the circumstances, I was happy with how it played out. I would have liked to have contended for the win but also the way the climb was ridden, it didn’t suit me. If it were harder, rather than slower-paced, it would have been much better, I think, but feeling off, the way I am with these seasonal allergies, I’m pretty happy I didn’t lose any time and I managed to gain a spot on GC.”

    The Grubers joined us on the bus and beyond the rain-soaked finish line and worked their usual magic all over the course. We know we tell you every gallery they give us is gorgeous, but this one is really something special. Enjoy.