The second edition of Giro d’Italia #AskArgyle on #FanFriday

    You know you have a good set of #AskArgyle questions when they spark dinner table discussions. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions on social media for the second edition of our Giro d’Italia Q&A.

    New to this? We put out a call for questions on our social media channels. You ask us anything you want to know. We pick our favorite questions and toss them to our Grand Tour squads – in this case our Giro d’Italia eight.

    Read on…

    1. What’s your spirit animal?

    Nate Brown: Lion
    Joe Dombrowski: I’m not really a cat fan, but my girlfriend says I’m like a cat. I don’t do much most of the day, but then I have a brief period of intense activity.
    Sacha Modolo: [Editor’s note. We think this one got lost in translation a bit, so Sacha’s teammates nominated his spirit animal.] A honey badger
    Mitch Docker: I see myself as a kelpie – a hardworking dog with a kind nature but can be aggressive if need be.
    Mike Woods: Snow owl. Long story. Stay with me here. I was going for a run one day, Christmas morning. It was a beautiful morning, fresh snow on the ground, no one out. It was the most peaceful, relaxing run. I was running along when all of sudden this huge white animal came flying at me. Naturally I thought: “Holy crap. That’s a really big seagull.” But all of a sudden, it swooped maybe 20 meters in front of me, landed on the path, and I saw it was a snow owl. It looked me in the eyes before it flew off again. It was a moment of connection I had with this bird, and I have to honor it.
    Tom Van Asbroeck: Elephant

    2. If you could add any rule or classification to the Giro, what would it be?

    Brown: I think every rider should have the option to skip one day – an extra rest day that we can choose whenever we want.
    Carthy: I think they have it pretty well. I don’t need any changes.
    Dombrowski: I think we should bring back the maglia nera. The Giro used to have a black jersey for the person in last place, and I think that’s excellent.
    Modolo: To miss a stage and take the time for the last rider
    Docker: No attacking before 50km
    Woods: The maglia nera but I think it would be awesome if you were penalized for it. Guys would be racing not to be last. The gruppetto would suddenly become this Mad Max dog-eat-dog world. I don’t know how the penality would work yet, but it would definitely be something that would deter riders from coming last.
    Tom Scully: No going through tunnels with no lights and flares on the side of the roads with five kilometers to go.

    3. Where’s your favorite place to train?

    Brown: I love training in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.
    Carthy: Lancashire, where I’m from
    Dombrowski: Nice, France or back home in Virginia
    Modolo: At my home in Treviso
    Docker: Cataluyna is probably the best place I’ve ever trained.
    Woods: Girona is pretty great.
    Scully: South coast of New Zealand
    Van Asbroeck: Normally at home. I would say if I am not training at home, Gran Canaria is one of my favorite places.

    4. What’s the last book you read and would you recommend it?

    Brown: The Wolf of Wall Street. Yes, I’d recommend it.
    Carthy: Trans-Siberia: Inside the Grey Area. It’s about a guy that traveled across Siberia by train.
    Dombrowski: I’m currently reading Sapiens. I would recommend it. It’s a bit like a Malcolm Gladwell book in that it makes big, maybe not fully substantiated claims. It’s the history of humankind from Neanderthals until now.
    Modolo: I’m reading La Ragazza Che Hai Sposato by Alafair Burke [editor’s note published as The Wife in English]. I haven’t read much of it yet because I prefer video games, but I like it.
    Docker: I read Steve Smith’s autobiography. He’s the captain of the Australian cricket team. Unless you’re a real cricket fan, I wouldn’t recommend it.
    Woods: Homo Deus, sequel to Sapiens. And yes, I recommend it. I will recommend it to Joe.
    Scully: The race book. I’d recommend it if you want to know where you’re going on the Giro stages
    Van Asbroeck: The last book I read was a bedtime story for my daughter.

    5. Fill in the blank. A good race hotel must have _______

    Brown: If you don’t have a chef, a good buffet. If you have a chef, good pillows.
    Carthy: No carpet in the rooms. I hate carpet in hotel rooms.
    Dombrowski: I’m going to go with what it needs to not have – and that’s other teams. I need peace.
    Modolo: It needs a good bed and space to open the suitcase.
    Docker: Views like that (editor’s note: Mitch gestured to the beach outside his window)
    Woods: Good shutters
    Scully: An outdoor terrace overlooking the ocean
    Van Asbroeck: A neat, clean hotel with a comfortable bed. And no carpets.

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