22 Jun
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All things GBDuro:




Lachlan Morton completed the inaugural GBDURO, a 2000-kilometer solo bike-packing adventure from Land’s End, England to John o’Groats, Scotland on Friday. The Australian spent 104 hours over seven days atop his new Cannondale Topstone Carbon during his Journey.


“That was unimaginably hard. I never realized that I had never done anything hard in my life before this,” said Morton from the finish. “It was the most incredible experience in my life, so beyond anything I have ever done before.”


What is the GBDuro? 


GBDuro is a new event with an old-school vibe. As an anonymous quote on the event website puts it, the race is “best described as a scrappy rolling picnic through Britain’s ever-changing landscapes.” 


It’s a really long picnic.


A bike-packing journey spread across four timed stages, GBDuro traverses the island of Great Britain. Riders will set out on a 2,000 kilometer self-supported trek from Land’s End in Cornwall, at the southwestern tip of England, to John o’ Groats, in the north of Scotland.


But… why?


“It’s about pushing the envelope to where your boundaries are. Something like this, you’re going to find them. It’s all about how you deal with them, and hopefully how that helps you grow out of it,” Morton says. 


Gearing up for GBDuro


Taking on a bike-packing event that traverses two thousand kilometers means planning for things that fall well outside the scope of any other race on the team’s calendar so far this year. Way out. As EF Education First mechanic and alternative racing director Tom Hopper puts it, GBDuro will truly be a “solo mission” for Morton.


GBDuro throws a little bit of everything at those bold enough to take on the adventure. The trek from Land’s End in the far southwest of England to John o’ Groats at the northern tip of Scotland features a variety of road surfaces. The terrain ranges from long stretches of flat to sustained periods of up-and-down. To complete the journey in self-supported fashion, Morton and the rest of the participants haul tents, sleeping gear, tools, and more, along with them.


From a technical perspective, that means Morton has balanced his goal of finishing the four timed legs of the journey in the lowest aggregate time with gear choices that maximize versatility and carrying capacity.


Cannondale’s new Topstone was the obvious choice. 


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