Teamwork and success at Paris-Nice

Higuita takes third overall and best young rider

In racing, things seldom go to plan. It’s how a team and its leader respond to that uncertainty that matters. In one of the most variable races in recent memory, EF Pro Cycling and Sergio HiguitaSergio Higuita adapted to the shortening of the race due to concerns around the COVID-19 virus, and the loss of three teammates, to secure third place overall and win the prize for the best young rider at Paris-Nice.


“The team did a great job working to help me, they were all really attentive at every moment keeping an eye on the rival teams,” says Higuita. “When I see them fighting it gives me more motivation to fight too, especially when you see them taking risks to help protect you.”



Despite the fact it was their first time racing together, Higuita and Sep Vanmarcke put on an incredible display of teamwork throughout the windy stages. The two finished the race with Tom Scully, Alberto Bettoil, and Tanel Kangert. 


“I think we have developed a lot over the last few years working together as a team and this race proved that again,” said Sep Vanmarcke. “Everyone feels really confident, you start to feel you get a lot of respect in the peloton because they know we’re capable of good work, and I think it’s very important that as riders we trust each other. Sergio as our team leader — he followed us really well, which also gives us a lot more confidence to do a good job.” 

Now, all our riders have returned home from the race and are looking to recover and stay healthy.  “No classics to come at the moment, so we will look for some new plans. Health comes first now,” Vanmarcke said. The team is thinking of our fans and team during this time, and we hope everyone stays safe.