Flanders is coming

Our team photographers reflect on their favorite race

“Alberto winning the Ronde was the best moment I’ve had with the team. How could it be anything else?”


We’re heading to Flanders in just a couple of days, so we thought it would be wise to catch up with the people who can explain (and capture) it best: Jered and Ashley Gruber. Our team photographers break down why this race is such a special one below…

The vibe


Shooting the Ronde is such a special day. I think it has a better vibe than any race that we’ve ever shot.


The people

It really feels like all of Flanders turns up for the Ronde, and it’s impossible not to feel that energy. It’s amazing. I just got excited thinking about it.

A reminder

It’s good to remember why we love these races – a reminder to ourselves just how lucky we are to be doing what we’re doing.


Our team’s success in 2019

That was such a special day. I still can’t believe all the things that happened that day. I also love how much that win meant and still means to Alberto.

Alberto Bettiol

I love it when someone wins a huge race, and it’s not just another win…especially someone like Alberto. Ash and I are definitely in the Alberto Bettiol Fan Club.


Favorite shots


I think I have to go with two shots: Alberto’s attack on the Kwaremont and that post-race shot of Taylor Phinney and Ryan Mullen going to town on some frites. I loved that.