Explore the world.




Ni hao.


This season, the EF Education First Pro Cycling Team will race and train across the globe. On trains and planes, in team cars and on two wheels, we’ll make our way over the mountains, through some of the world’s great cities, and experience people and places from Australia to the United Arab Emirates and from Asia to the Americas.   


We’ll ride hard and open our eyes and ears to the cultures that infuse the races and the places we travel. We’ll be at all the beautiful, traditional races, but we’re breaking outside of the barriers of road racing, too. Cycling is for everyone—so this season, we’re tackling new races and rides around the globe. Because that’s where everyone is.   



The thin air of the Colorado Mountains and the Leadville 100 are on our list, along with the rolling gravel roads of Kansas at the Garmin Dirty KanzaWe’ll also go across the pond to the U.K. for a bike race with several miles of hiking known as the Three Peaks Cyclo Cross. Of course, we can’t forget the Taiwan KOM Challenge. Sign us up.   


I could spend the rest of my life moving around this planet.

– Taylor Phinney


We are 27 riders made up of 11 different nationalities. We speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Flemish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Estonian. We come from the U.S., Australia, Ecuador, The Netherlands, Estonia, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, and Great Britain.


We’re here to race.


We’re here to enjoy the ride.


We’re here to soak up the cultures and the countries along the way.


Simply put, we’re here to explore the world.


Join us for a year of non-stop adventure. It’s time to explore with EF Education First.



EF’s commitment is to bring different cultures together, to spark mutual understanding around the ways people and communities approach and see life. The goal is to promote empathy among people of diverse backgrounds, and inspire new ways of thinking which together can help make the world a little better. EF Pro Cycling is a platform that embodies this spirit, and which helps show how positive things happen when people explore the world,” says Edward Hult, CEO EF North America.



What does “Explore the World” mean to you?


 That’s how I’ve lived my whole life so, call me corny or not, I left my house growing up when I was 15, went Belgium, missed Christmas, missed my birthday, New Years, all of it, or winter break with the two big bike bags in a suitcase and… no clue what was going on. Explore the world. I think I’ve lived in a very literal sense.

Alex HowesAlex Howes


It doesn’t necessarily mean travelling around the world. It can also be meeting new friends, teammates. Here around me I have so many different nationalities, they have different backgrounds, different habits. Talking to them [is like I’m] already back home, talking about what I’d like to do and how [life] is back where they live and what they eat. Already this is little bit like exploring. 

Tanel Kangert 


“I often think about how I could spend the rest of my life moving around this planet, seeing different things that I wouldn’t see everyday, and I sort of feel like I need to start doing that now. To be racing for a team that is embracing this kind of a mantra is super special and I’m really grateful to be involved and I want to help to grow that as a concept and, to be the one who’s at the forefront of the exploring.”

Taylor Phinney 


 “Explore the world to me means travel. You get out there and travel about. Go to some different places. Just explore. Have a good time, have a bad time. There’s not always going to be a good time and enjoying it. Like there will be bad times and things will go wrong. But that’s what it’s all about. The experience. When you travel the world, you’re going to have many experiences and that’s what it’s all about.”

Tom ScullyTom Scully


“I think that without a doubt the world changes you when you see more places in the world. As a person, it fills you and helps you to grow in many aspects of life.”

Dani Martinez 


“Explore the world to me seems like open your eyes and see the world, travel around.” 

Sep Vanmarcke