EF’s 2021 Giro switch-out kit unveiled

A kaleidoscopic kit featuring the colors of national flags from around the world

There’s one rule that must be honored by all teams at the Giro: don’t wear pink. And since we’re the only team in the pro peloton with a pink kit, we get to shake things up at Italy’s biggest race.


Fortunately for us, we’ve got our trusted (and insanely creative) friends at Rapha. Still scratching your head and saying ‘what the actual duck?’ about our Giro kit last year? Well, we’ve got another iconic switch-out ensemble for you this year.


The Giro uniform features the colors of national flags from around the world in a celebration of people from different backgrounds coming together in pursuit of a common goal. For the next three weeks, you’ll see our riders outfitted in the kaleidoscopic creation, and we’re proud to wear it.


Now for the fine (and fast) print. You won’t be able to miss the amazing change out items that round out the kit including custom designed Cannondale bikes, Whoop straps, Tacx bottles and more. In search for the fastest possible fabric combinations on our time trial suits, Rapha tested over 100 materials at the UK Sport Science Institute at Loughborough University. Textured fabrics designed to reduce drag were paired with airflow-assisting smooth fabrics. In other words, these things move fast. Not to mention that over 40 versions were tested over six sessions in a wind tunnel, with final adjustments made to seam placements, fabric tension, fit and garment construction techniques to make sure the suit could perform at the highest possible level.


See you at the start this Saturday. In a ‘fit like this one, you certainly won’t miss us.