EF Pro Cycling add Colombian U-23 Champion Daniel Arroyave

Young Colombian talent excited for move to WorldTour

EF Pro Cycling is proud to announce the addition of Daniel Arroyave. The current under-23 Colombian road race champion will join us at the beginning of the 2021 season. 


An impressive solo victory at the U-23 Colombian road race catapulted Arroyave to the top of a list of very impressive young Colombian prospects, but it was his versatility and drive that set him apart. But for him, success on the bike is about so much more than merely winning bike races.


“I dream of being a world champion, an Olympic champion, winning Classics and, above all, being very happy and sharing the joy with other people,” he said. 


Arroyave, who will make the transition to the WorldTour at the age of 20, is excited for the challenge and knows that his first few years at the highest level will be dedicated to growth. 


“I’m excited to take the step from a U-23 team to a WorldTour team. I know EF likes to work with their young riders and is dedicated to helping them grow as athletes,” said the young Colombian rider. “EF is a team I dreamed of joining. It’s a team that’s cool, relaxed but at the same time very professional. I love the colorful uniform they wear and the environment within the team.”


The young Colombian will be joining compatriotes Rigoberto Urán, Sergio Higuita and Diego Camargo. For a rider who grew up looking up to Urán, and who has ridden both with and against Higuita and Camargo, the prospect of joining them on the road is an exciting opportunity for athletic and personal growth. 

“I am really excited and happy to share the road with Rigo and Sergio at races and to train with them,” said Arroyave. “I am sure that I will learn a lot from them because they are both people that share their experiences and are there to help you grow as an athlete and as a person. We will be the Trio of Flavor.” 


Arroyave attributes his love of riding on all terrains to growing up exploring the roads around his village of Yarumal, in Antioquia.


“My favorite areas to train are in Antioquia and in the areas around my village – Yarumal,” explained Arroyave. “I like when I can ride through trees and listen to the birds sing and see the sun between each tree that I pass. I love nature and for me the best way to enjoy nature is on the bike where I feel free.”


His love for nature and exploration has also led him to explore photography as a hobby outside of cycling. “When I am not riding, I love taking pictures, being with my family and friends and watching the sunrises and sunsets from the house I live in at the moment in Santa Elena, Antioquia,” said Arroyave. 


We are excited to see what the future holds for Daniel Arroyave.